Turkey for One or Two!

Here you'll find a 2 1/2# breast will feed two plus leftovers! Because the meat isn't cooking for many hours in the oven, you don't get the amount of pan juices needed for a gravy. This video shows you how to make a sauce instead.


In this video I recommend leaving the turkey out to come up to "room temperature" and then cooking it. Please know that in doing so you are creating an environment that can harbor harmful bacteria most county Health Departments would classify as a possible cause for "food borne illness." If you choose to follow my lead, extreme caution must be taken to insure you don't contaminate any other foods or surfaces that may come into contact with the turkey and or it's juices before it is fully cooked to a safe temperature, a minimum of 160°. If you're not sure what you are doing, and you aren't 100% confident about the issue at hand, don't do it. Instead skip the room temperature part and prep the turkey as shown right before it goes into the oven. Your times will vary from the video, but getting the meat to the temperature (160 °to 165°) is the most important detail.

Video on Vimeo!

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