"Quick Ones"

Pan seared New York Steak
with fingerling potatoes and fresh corn
on the cob in only 2 pans

"Quick ones" are short demonstrations for fun dish ideas.

Fast and easy with minimal cleanup!


Corn on the cobb, fingerling potatoes, steaks (we use NY here) Rick's Chef Salt, Herbs de Provence, Rosemary and Olive oil. A little unsalted butter for the corn.

To make:

Peel the corn and start cooking the corn in the larger basket of a double streamer (with water in the pan!) and cover. Cut the fingerling potatoes putting them in the second layer of the steamer and season with Rick's Chef Salt and a little rosemary. At about the 5 minute mark add the potatoes to the double steamer and cover. Ready the steaks by rubbing them with Rick's Chef Salt, Herbs de Provence and Olive Oil. Heat the pan and add the steaks. Cook for about 7 minutes, moving and then turning them over at about the 2 minute mark as shown. Remove the steaks when done, add the potatoes and a little water to the pan the steaks were cooked in. Slice the steaks, plate the potatoes and corn, melt a little butter in the steak/potato pan, top the corn with the butter and serve.

Video on Vimeo!

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