"Quick Ones"

Fresh Foie Gras with Confit
on mushrooms, potatoes and fresh lima beans

"Quick ones" are just simple demonstrations for ideas.

I know fruit is more popular but I really enjoy fresh foie gras with more savory dishes.


Fresh foie gras, leeks, crimini mushrooms, cubed potatoes, fresh lima beans (or haricot verte cut in 1 inch sticks), Rick's Chef Salt, thyme, parsley flakes, confit of duck and water.

To make:

Heat the pan, sear the foie gras as shown, remove then add the leeks, mushrooms, potatoes, some water and then the confit. Lid it and let it steam for five to ten minutes. When potatoes are done add the lima beans (or haricot verte). Start a new pan with a small amount of oil, heat and then crisp up the confit. Adjust seasonings and liquid as shown. Plate and serve!

Video on Vimeo!

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"The Black Sheep Bistro's Video Cookbook Vol 1"
on how to make confit.

Or go to;
D'Artagnan or Maple Leaf Farms for confit.

Go to
One of the Open Air Markets
Like Sundays, in Newport Beach Lido Village for
leeks, mushrooms, potatoes and fresh lima beans.

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