"Quick Ones"

Party Size Saffron Rice

"Quick ones" are just simple demonstrations for ideas.

Another classic that's so simple to do and great for larger groups. The flavor of a Paella without the fuss. And similar to a risotto without the butter and cream. Easy to make vegan or vegetarian.


Olive Oil, garlic, onions, saffron, season with Rick's Chef Salt, thyme, Italian Herbs, salt, dried parsley

You can use cubed chicken (as in video) or lamb or pork meat (or leave the meat out).

Fresh chopped tomatoes, red and green bell peppers

Short grain rice (You can get Paella rice from La Espanola, see suppliers)


To make:

Start some olive oil and saute the garlic, onions, saffron and seasonings. Then add the meat and cook for a few minutes. Add what ever fresh vegetables you want. Then the rice (3 parts) and water (4 parts) stir and cook on a low simmer till the water's 90% gone. Then add whatever frozen vegetables (peas, green beans etc.)

End Note

See our Paella Cakes video also for a great way to use the leftovers!

Video on Vimeo!

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