"Quick Ones"

Basic Pork Stew

"Quick ones" are just simple demonstrations for ideas.

A hearty classic that's so simple to do and perfect for serving larger groups. This is a great "base" dish, that is it can easily be transformed into many different dishes.


Cubed pork meat.

Garlic, shallots (or onions), celery, carrots, potatoes and leeks.

I used two kinds of tomatoes; canned diced tomatoes (100% tomatoes no salt or anything else) and fresh baby grape tomatoes.

Red wine, white wine, water or a combination. (Use some red or wine for a richer, stronger dish, 100% water for a lighter dish.)

A little flour to thicken is optional.

Seasonings - Rick's Chef Salt, thyme, Italian Herbs, salt, dried parsley, and I happen to like fennel seed in this dish.

To make:

Start some fat (animal, butter) or oil in a dutch oven like pan.

Rough chop the garlic, shallots (or onions), celery, carrots, and leeks.

If time permits, brown the vegetables in the pan, then add the cubed stew meat (if you want to use a little flour for a thicker sauce, coat the meat before adding), and then add your choice of seasonings. Stir and add the wine and or water. Bring to a boil and simmer until the pork is tender. Taste and season again. More often than not this dish is even better when done ahead and reheated. See video for different ways to use this dish!

End Note

You can do the same with most any kind of meat; lamb, veal, bison, even cubed chicken meat. The only difference would be that meats like veal and chicken would require less cooking time.

Video on Vimeo!

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