Roasting a Beef Sirloin

Simple, fast & economical

Save money and time by doing the whole roast, then you have a great starting point for many dinning options.


A whole sirloin roast, minced garlic, wine, olive oil. For dinner on this night we also had; baby fingerling potatoes, butter, shallots, sliced mushrooms, asparagus, aioli (see aioli video ) and I used a little black truffle oil (but it's not a must.)

Seasonings - Rick's Chef Salt, Herbs de Provence and sea salt

To make:

Make a marinade of minced garlic, Rick's Chef Salt, Herbs de Provence, olive oil, wine, and sea salt and rub the whole sirloin roast. Let sit a few hours. Place roast in a pre heated oven (see video below, I use a very high heat) and cook one hour at which the internal temperature is about 90° in the center and 120° on the ends. (Very rare!)

Cut up the potatoes, and steam in a steamer for eight minutes. Start the mushroom sauce with butter, shallots, mushrooms, and juice from roasting pan. Season as shown. At five minute mark put the asparagus in the steamer.

For dinner; plate, serve and season as shown.

End Note

You can do something similar with all kinds of roasts and it allows you many opportunities to create many kinds of dishes quickly.

Video on Vimeo!

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