Pre Cooking a Pork Loin

Using those pan juices!

Here we encourage you to make use of the pan juices whenever you're pre-roasting a pork loin. In the video below we used quail to make a great salad, but you can use boneless chicken breasts or numerous mixed vegetables.


The hot roasting pan that just came out of the oven, some water (or a little wine) and perhaps some seasoning.

Some possible seasoning suggestions - Rick's Chef Salt, parsley, Italian Herbs, thyme, salt and pepper.

To make:

After removing the roast from the oven, just add a little water (or a little wine) and perhaps some seasoning onto the pan and scrap off the brown bits and allow to mix well. In the video we baked some quial for lunch.

Taste and season if necessary.

End Note

Strain, and use these juices later as a base for all kinds of sauces or as a stock for all kinds of dishes.

Video on Vimeo!

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