Make Breakfast & Dinner
at the same time!

Featuring, Not a Cassoulet!

This is more of a demonstration simply to show that with just one ingredient as inspiration, bacon, you'll see how a chef makes breakfast and preps for a future dinner at the same time!


For breakfast; sliced bacon, sliced bread, butter, and eggs.

For the Not a Cassoulet; diced bacon, celery, garlic sausage, chopped garlic and shallots (or sofrito), duck stock, canned beans (Cannellini and butter beans are featured in the video below)

Seasonings - Rick's Chef Salt, parsley, rosemary, Italian Herbs and thyme.

To make:

Breakfast - In the same pan cook the bacon first, then the bread slices, the the eggs. Season and serve.

Not a Cassoulet - At the same time, cook the diced bacon for a few minutes, then add the celery, garlic sausage, sofrito (or chopped garlic and shallots,) cook a bit then add duck stock, beans and seasonings. Cook, store and serve at a later date.

Taste and season if necessary.

End Note

Although this is made in the same manner as a simple cassoulet, the by laws of making a "Cassoulet" is very clear, you cannot use canned beans and legally call it a "cassoulet." So, don't call it cassoulet! And just so you know, it was good, not great, and it was more of a texture issue (cause the flavor was great!) The texture of canned beans is not the same as cooked dried beans, or better yet, fresh beans!

Video on Vimeo!

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