How to Build a Salsa

Using Hawaiian Papaya

You can use many kinds of fruits for this dish!

Here you'll see how one goes step by step from the very simple to more complex. Many possibilities here!


Almost any kind of fruit will do! In the video below we use Hawaiian Papaya.

Seasonings - Rick's Chef Salt, a favorite hot sauce (I use Tapatio), chopped cilantro, shallots or onions, baby grape tomatoes, celery, red & green bell peppers, favorite chilis, red wine vinegar, olive oil.

To make:

Dice the chosen fruit.

For Salza #1 just add Rick's Chef salt and some Tapatio sauce.

Salsa #2 we add chopped cilantro.

For Salsa #3 we put tomatoes, celery, bell peppers, chilis, vinegar, olive oil and sesonings into a food porcessor, dice it and add that in.

Mix, taste and season if necessary.

End Note

You can use most kind of fruit and even some kinds of vegetables to make this salsa.

Video on Vimeo!

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