Salmon & Capellini

This is a great "in a hurry" dish and takes less than 10 minutes to put on the table!


Fresh Parsley
Whole Wheat Capellini
Fresh Wild Salmon
Italian Herbs
Dried Parsley
EV olive oil
Rick's Chef Salt
Fresh Ground Black Pepper
Sea Salt

To make:

Start heating the water, when the water is hot put the pasta in and start a timer. Slice the salmon and start heating a saute pan with some olive oil. Then chop the garlic and shallots and add them to the pan. Slice the mushrooms and add. Stir everything. Get the asparagus ready, season the saute pan with Rick's Chef Salt and some fresh ground black pepper. Stir everything. The pasta should be ready sometime between the 4 and 5 minute mark. Strain the pasta and save just a touch of water to add to the saute pan. Stir. Add the asparagus, Italian Herbs, dried parsley and some sea salt. Stir.Chop the fresh parsley. When the asparagus is pretty much done add the salmon, stir and barley cook rare to medium rare. Add a little more water, the chopped parsley. Final tasting and seasoning, then add the pasta, stir and plate as shown.

End Note

Numerous different herb and spice combinations can be used. I sometimes like it spicy!

Video on Vimeo!

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