Turkey Liver Mousse

This is a great, simple and fast appetizer to add to your Holiday dinner. It can be made ahead, or while the turkey is cooking. Serve it warm, room temp or chilled in the fridge.


The liver (and heart) of the turkey
1/4 pound sweet (or unsalted) butter (cut in half)
2 to 3 T minced garlic (or 6 to 12 cloves sliced, your going to puree it in the food processor anyway)
1/2 c to a cup rough chop shallots or onion

In this video we seasoned with:
(I don't list amounts because it depends on the size of the liver!)

Parsley flakes
Fresh Ground Pepper
Coarse Ground Pepper (I like it for texture)
Couple pinches Rosemary
Rick's Chef Salt
Sea Salt

1/4 to 1/2 c heavy whipping cream (see video to see why...)

To Make:

Saute the garlic, shallots (onions) in half the butter then add you seasonings. Cook till soft then add the rest of the butter, and saute the cut up liver (and heart if you want) till medium rare. Now add the cream, as soon as it's warmed, taste for seasoning, then adjust or puree entire mixture in food processor till it's a nice thick paste.

Again, taste for seasoning, if correct, pour into ramekins or a serving dish and either serve now or chill for later. Great with crackers, bread or toasts, or as a dip for belgium endive, celery sticks and more!

Video on Vimeo!

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