"A Black Sheep Staple"

Rick's Chef Salt

How to season the Black Sheep way!

This is my favorite catch all seasoning mix. You'll see this in most all our recipes for I use this mix for just about everything. It tastes far better and for those watch or concerned with sodium intake, it's far healthier than salt. A personal favorite for grilling, and just try it on raw vegetables and really fresh raw fish too!


4 parts salt
1 1/2 parts granulated garlic
1 part granulated onion
1 part powdered celery
1 part Spanish Paprika
1 part ground black pepper
1/2 part ground white pepper

To make:

Mix together and store in a air tight container until ready to use.

End Note

This can also be used as a base. Numerous herbs and spices can be added to expand this into so many different tastes and styles. Your only limited by your imagination!

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