Raven's Kisses
A simple dessert using Chocolate Mousse

OK, the Ravens were in the Super bowl and I was invited to a party. I needed something easy to transport and was ready when we got there. Now, our bird, Huey, the raven we got to raise to be wild, favorite food was chocolate. Perhaps it was his favorite cause he couldn't have any (chocolate can be poison to birds!) Diana had brought home some Ladyfingers and chocolate mousse is a favorite dessert so here's a fun and simple addition to the dessert list that can be made up days ahead.


Chocolate Mousse (recipe in Dessert section)
Strong Coffee

Make some chocolat mousse and a simple coffee marinade with the coffee, sugar and vanilla to taste. Roll the Ladyfingers in the coffee, place in a dish and cover with the chocolate mousse.

Video on Vimeo!

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