A demonstration video of the boys day out
playing with snails - A Three Course Lunch - Part 3
" The Main Course"
A French influenced feuillete with garlic, shallots, leeks, mushrooms, pork and snails

Here we use the snails in more of a hidden fashion. In fact, I later learned Justin made this dish again for his entire family not telling his sister she was eating snails till it was too late.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Pork Loin
Rick's Chef Salt
Italian Herbs
Fresh Parsley
Fresh Cream
Frozen Puff Pastry

To make:

Cut the Frozen Puff Pastry sheets into the size you want and bake them in the oven till golden brown. Saute the garlic, onions, and leeks in olive oil. Then add some sliced or halved mushrooms. Dice up the pork into smaller cubes, season with Rick's Chef Salt and add. Chop up the snails, add those and season with Italian Herbs and Rick's Chef Salt. Chop the fresh parsley, when the pork is done, season with Rick's Chef Salt, add some heavy cream. Cook, taste, season if needed, add the parsley, and add more cream if need be. Then plate as shown and serve.

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