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Egg Yolk Options

Our recipes for Aioli, Chocolate Mousse and others call for and use raw egg yolks. These are some suggestions as to how you as a consumer use these products safely.

1. Buy pasteurized eggs (see safeeggs.com)
2. Buy California eggs (see why here: http://farmprogress.com/story-why-california-eggs-are-safe-9-41654 )
3. Try to pasteurize your own eggs ( I do not do this and I haven't found a method I'd use personally)

Also, you can try to buy pasteurized egg yolks. I'm doing my best to try to get a retailer to carry them for they are hard to find. But even if you do, they are usually in a larger container than for the little you need for a particular recipe. So I experimented with freezing the rest into smaller containers and I tried the frozen yolks on a number of recipes to see if they are still reliable. I made Aioli, Hollandaise and Chocolate Mousse and all came out great. You'll notice by the picture above, freezing thickens the yolks and so for some recipes I added just a small amount of water to make them workable.

Below is a quick video about freezing the yolks. If you'd like, check out how the Hollandaise and Chocolate Mousse came out in our other videos listed in the egg section!

Video on You Tube!

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