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"Salmon & Fish Terrines"

Seafood terrines are simple and fun and another great way to start off the evening's dinner for 2 or an event for 50.

To make;

Because I like a finer texture in my terrines over my patés, I use a food processor to puree them. Start the garlic, shallots and any other vegetables* you choose, with a little olive oil, and some cream, then add the fish small amounts at a time. (In this video we used salmon.) Soften the texture and flavor with some heavy cream, add in a few eggs to bind, then season with Rick's Chef Salt, salt, peppers (white, black, green and or pink) and some herbs. Favorites can include one or more of the following; Herbs de Provence, thyme, Italian Herbs, parsley, chervil, rosemary, and basil but there are many more. Test the terrine's texture and flavor by cooking a small amount as shown (or drop some in 200° water for a few minutes like a quenelle.) Finish seasoning as needed. Spoon finished terrine into a loaf pan lined with parchment paper (so it doesn't stick) then place in a bain marie and cook in a 400° oven till the terrine reaches 160° or slightly above (about 90 minutes.)

Serve with toast points, croutons, crackers, on top of a salad or even in a baguette as a sandwich. Mustards, cornichons, certain jams, jellies, honeys and a vast array of cheeses can be fun too!

Sometimes I like to add; diced bell peppers or artichokes, green peppercorns, nuts like pistachios and even chunks of the fish, shrimp, crab, lobster or a host of other delights at the end, after I've pureed everything so there are "bits" in the finished product.

End Note

This same mixture can be used to make wonderful quenelles. Variations are almost endless!

Video on Vimeo!

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