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"Fresh Fish Brik"

This is just a great way to serve fish. Lends itself to many variations!

To make:

Pick your fish (we used John Dory in the video) and get brik pastry, or you can substitute 2 sheets of filo (philo) pastry. (For filo, I usually spread a thin layer of melted butter between the sheets.) Put a thin layer of olive oil on a baking tray. Then smear the fish with minced garlic, Rick's Chef Salt, Herbs de Provence, and a good extra virgin olive oil. Slice some mushrooms and on the pastry smear a little minced garlic, the sliced mushrooms, the seasoned fish and wrap it like a burrito. Bake on the tray in a 450° oven for 10 to 15 minutes, depending on thickness of fish and how done you like it.

End Note

You can substitute or mix together just about any kind of mushroom combination.

Video on Vimeo!

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