A Black Sheep Cooking Club Special Feature

"Cooking in the San Juan Islands"
(taken from the DVD "Vacation Cooking in the San Juan Islands" that's available at Amazon.com)
A great mini cooking class, making use of everything on hand, saving time and money!
In May of 2011, Rick and his wife Diana took a 5,000 mile road trip through 9 western states. One of their favorite stops was a week in an ocean front rental on the west side of San Juan Island where they got to make use of both the kitchen and the local ingredients. Chef Richard "Rick" Boufford of the Black Sheep Cooking Club shows you how to cook good food at reasonable prices while on vacation and still have the time to enjoy the vacation. Even when limited to 2 burners on an electric stove!

Join Rick in this 13 part series as he shows you every step of the way of what they ate, where they got it, what it cost, and exactly how it was prepared. (And, see "costs" at the bottom of the page.)

Part 1 - Shopping
Part 2 - The Menu
Part 3 - The Visual Menu

Part 4 - Day 1

Lunch - Dover Sole with mushroom and black truffle sauce,
and fresh asparagus.

Dinner - Vegetable salad w/tomato and fresh goat cheese.

Part 5 - Day 2

Breakfast - Our typical fresh fruits, nuts, yogurts etc.

Lunch - Roasted pork loin with Washington apple sauce,
and a mushroom and vegetable risotto.

Part 6 - Day 2

Dinner - Fresh artichoke salad.
(An oil & vinegar version of the Spanish "Russian Salad.")

Part 7 - Day 3

Breakfast - Bacon, toast, Duck eggs & fruit.

Lunch - Pork Tacos

Part 8 - Day 3

Two Aiolis; one regular
one with Black Truffle Oil!

Part 9 - Day 3

Dinner - Rack of lamb with broccoli & baked potato

Part 10 - Day 4

Breakfast - Hash brown burritos

Lunch - Some of the fruits nuts and othe things for a picnic.

Part 11 - Day 4

Dinner - Fideo with lamb, pork and vegetables.

Part 12 - Day 5

Breakfast - The usual fruits, grains and yogurt.

Dinner - Stuffed artichoke salad, risotto cakes, and raviolis with pork and vegetables. (Also known as clean out the fridge.)

Part 13 - Final Costs, etc.

(And this is for all the food, plus chocolate,
for 2 people for over 5 days!)